Language of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


A program that browses and indexes web content for search engines.


Alt (Alternative) Text:

A word or phrase that describes an image, displayed when the image is not loaded.


Black Hat:

Deceptive SEO tactics that optimize for search engines, not people.


Destination Page:

The term for the page that is being linked to from another page.


Meta Description:

A snippet of text in a website’s code, which is used to describe that webpage in search results.


Search Engine Optimization:

The practice of making changes to web pages or content to improve visibility.



A listing’s position in search results.



A set of rules used by computers to solve problems.



Techniques used by some sites to cheat their way to the top of search results.


White Hat:

Legitimate SEO tactics that optimize web pages for people.


Title Element:

The header of a webpage as indicated in the HTML.


Internal Links:

Links from one page to another page within the same website.


Anchor Text:

The clickable text that forms part of a hyperlink.


XML Sitemaps:

A list of all the web pages that make up your site.


Meta Keywords:

A short list of words that describe the content of a webpage.

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